5 places in Delft you must visit

I always say a visit somewhere is not complete without popping into some coffee spots. Here are 5 places in Delft you must visit when in town.

Cortado Espressobar:
Espresso at Cortado espressobarThey are fairly new on the coffee scene and serve a shot worth taking your time on.

It’s just a shame though that they are not open until 8 in the evening, like this article mentions, for the coffee addicts among us that like a good coffee late in the evening or after an early dinner in town. Cortado’s website mentions 7 in the evening so what is it? Anyway, that’s just me nitpicking — they are a must visit.

Seven Days:
SevenDaysNot your ordinary place for grabbing a coffee but that’s becoming a trend nowadays — a “coffee spot in a shop” I call it 🙂
You can’t go wrong ordering a shot here, just don’t spill on the furniture 😉

Kek coffee & crafts:
Espresso at KekA nice place to grab a shot if you can find a seat, it’s quite a popular place and gets quite hot and steamy when busy but don’t let that prevent you from checking it out.


Miss Morrison:
They roast their own coffee and you can get a great shot but just be sure to go on the right day as you might find yourself standing in front of a locked door — they are not open every day of the week; and only one day in the weekend.

Koffie en zo:
Honestly, I haven’t been there yet but the place looks promising and I will definitely pop in when I am in Delft again.

Check my coffee spots page out for the addresses.

Interesting read: fundamentals of coffee tasting

Here’s an interesting read on the fundamentals of coffee tasting. It’s actually an interview with a sensory scientist but still very interesting and will kick-start your journey in coffee tasting.

Taste is what we perceive in our mouths as one, multiple or combination of the five sensations: sweet, salty, bitter, sour or savoury (umami). Aroma is perceived by our retronasal system — our internal nose and that is what makes us think/say that an ice cream tastes like vanilla.

Go on… take a read.

7 steps to drinking coffee smarter

Coffee not doing it for you? Does coffee not give you that power it used to? Maybe it’s time to start drinking coffee smarter.

Here’s an article I came across today with a great graphic containing 7 steps to becoming a smarter coffee drinker:

The idiot’s guide to smarter coffee drinking

Ignore that it’s an idiot’s guide – that’s a bit harsh. You are not an idiot for not knowing these facts and figures.