Interesting read: fundamentals of coffee tasting

Here’s an interesting read on the fundamentals of coffee tasting. It’s actually an interview with a sensory scientist but still very interesting and will kick-start your journey in coffee tasting.

Taste is what we perceive in our mouths as one, multiple or combination of the five sensations: sweet, salty, bitter, sour or savoury (umami). Aroma is perceived by our retronasal system — our internal nose and that is what makes us think/say that an ice cream tastes like vanilla.

Go on… take a read.

7 steps to drinking coffee smarter

Coffee not doing it for you? Does coffee not give you that power it used to? Maybe it’s time to start drinking coffee smarter.

Here’s an article I came across today with a great graphic containing 7 steps to becoming a smarter coffee drinker:

The idiot’s guide to smarter coffee drinking

Ignore that it’s an idiot’s guide – that’s a bit harsh. You are not an idiot for not knowing these facts and figures.


Like drinking beer

Beer shotIt’s like drinking beer, but then in a mini format — a shot of beer. That is the first thing that popped into my head when I took a sip of my espresso yesterday, while out with the Mrs clearing our heads of everyday things.

Is this a desired flavour in coffee?

Are there any coffee connoisseurs out there with an opinion on this? All I found was a coffee flavour wheel from Counter Culture Coffee where hops is a vegetal flavour that can be found in coffee.

But still, is this a desired flavour or not? I am going to go for a no on this. Maybe it is a desired flavour to some — like in Germany or some other beer loving folk, hehe, but for me I’d prefer a cold beer. 

I won’t mention the establishment serving these mini beer shots — don’t want to put them in the spotlight just yet. I will head back to this establishment, not because I like espresso that tastes like beer but to see if I was not having an off day or the barista was having one or if it was just by chance.